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But in this example, replacing in terms of in does not work: it would suggest that the women and men in question are somehow directly involved in the Paula Jones case. I would make a broader change. For example, I could rather say in its relationship with. Finally, here are three two cases [second example moved above] where I can`t think of a way to replace them in terms of: . Any reference in this Agreement to materiality relative to either Party shall be deemed to be. [Updated April 1, 2014: You`ll notice the back and forth in the comments; I also discussed it on Twitter. I tried to wean myself off myself. I used it in contexts analogous to the last two examples above, just to see how it feels. At the end of the day, I can`t get upset about it. It`s a bit wordy, but it`s not confusing. I would rank it very low in the list of problems faced by traditional contract prose.] . and the continued employment of each of these officers shall not subject the Company or any of its subsidiaries to any liability with respect to the foregoing. After last Thursday`s “Writing Clearer Contracts” seminar in Dallas for West LegalEdcenter, I had the pleasure of having dinner with Chris Lemens, a longtime reader and commentator.

He asked me about it. This is for you, Chris. The CIO may revoke or amend the statements of obligations to a fund [read a fund`s credit instructions] by notifying the credit facility team. Certificate holders who previously held shares of DTBC immediately prior to the Effective Date will forfeit their rights in respect of such DTBC Shares, except as otherwise provided herein or by law. According to Garner`s modern American usage, “sentences related to and relative to de are generally best replaced by simple prepositions.” I decided to test this by looking at a random selection of use cases related to contracts filed in the SEC`s EDGAR system. Here are some cases where, as I suggest, in terms of could actually be replaced by another preposition: So, see if you can replace the rather stuffy in terms of with a single preposition or a broader solution, but don`t feel bad if in some cases in terms of is your best option. If you need more crosswords, please search for them directly in the search box of our website! Even if you see that our answer is wrong or that we missed something, we are grateful for your comment. Enjoy your game with Cluest! “Prospectus” means, with respect to each borrower, the prospectus that the borrower is required to make available to the offerors of its securities under the Securities Act of 1933 [read a prospectus indicating that a borrower is required under the Securities Act of 1933 to deliver its securities to the offerors]. “Lock-up Period” means, with respect to the Initial Shares, the period ending on .

Clinton. continued to receive stronger support from women than men, even in the case of Paula Jones. No dividend or other distribution declared or made after the effective date in respect of [more] SFNC shares with a registration date after the effective date will be paid to. Note that in each of the three previous examples, in terms of links, something about a party or another person. I wonder if I can draw a general conclusion from that. No more trolls waiting for EDGAR. unless: (i) the registration statement submitted to the Commission in respect of a registration under a registration under a registration of needs has been declared effective by the Commission. “Affiliate” means, in relation to a specific person, any other person. Add to this second category an example (not taken from a contract) that Garner offers as an example of an instance where you can replace with a single preposition in relation to: Hello! When you come to this page, you wonder to learn the answer in legal terms 2 WDS. And we have prepared it for you! We`ve seen this crossword hint in the daily crossword puzzle, but sometimes you can find the same questions while playing another crossword. We hope this answer helps you too. Alternatively, another operation could be in order:.