Arbitration Law Firms in Singapore

Norton Rose Fulbright`s dispute resolution practice has “a lot of experience” in dealing with international arbitration in the energy sector, particularly disputes related to oil and gas and power generation. The one-partner team is led by KC Lye (who is “great to be by his side”) and includes lawyer Katie Chung. The team also benefits from access to the company`s global network and reputation in the energy sector. Stephenson Harwood LLP`s international arbitration practice includes investment disputes, maritime and international trade and energy sector issues and is particularly active in the Indonesian oil and gas industry. Michelle Yong and John Simpson focus on maritime and international trade disputes. The Group provides international and Singaporean legal expertise through its Formal Law Alliance with Singaporean law firm Virtus Law LLP. Timothy Cooke has joined Reed Smith LLP. “Wong Partnership is known for its high-level work and detailed analysis. We regularly refer the work to them as they are a first-class company. I believe they are considered one of the top two companies in Singapore, including foreign companies, in terms of reputation and quality of work.

Very impressive. “Kelvin Poon is an exceptional referee in a very saturated market. It remains calm and under control even with the most unexpected developments. A deep thinker with a solution-oriented approach to his strategy makes him a co-advocate and a welcome opponent, even in the most controversial cases, as no time is wasted “boxing from the shadows” on ultimately irrelevant issues. His strong ethics and gentlemanly conduct in the conduct of the proceedings make him an outstanding example that young practitioners can emulate. “Ms. Elaine Wong, who is a partner, is my primary point of contact regarding our arbitrations. He is an absolutely indispensable person for our arbitration. She is an excellent lawyer, especially an extremely competent, honest and innovative lawyer who combines attention to detail, foresight, agile response and integrity. She also has the strategic vision and extraordinary ability to see all angles. In addition, she understands our point of view and desires very well and she has the great ability to recognize what is essential to win the case.

Essex Court Chambers Duxton (which is affiliated with Essex Court Chambers in London) is a unique offering in Singapore and a group of individual practitioners, working on a model similar to that of English lawyers. The members, who include leading names such as V K Rajah SC, Toby Landau SC and Chan Leng Sun SC, have experience in a wide range of international arbitrations, including corporate litigation, the energy sector and public law matters. From pre-arbitration negotiations to post-award proceedings, we have the experience and skills to guide you every step of the way in the arbitration and achieve the best results for you. Our lawyers go directly to the heart of the issues and strategically position your case to ensure that a solution is found quickly and at a lower cost. “R&T`s international arbitration team is an excellent team with deep strength at all levels of seniority and represents the benchmark in the region for advice, strategy and representation.” “Daniel and his team are impressive in big, complex referees, from my point of view as a referee. Daniel is a very impressive defender, calm, measured, reasonable. Oon & Bazul LLP`s experience in international arbitration covers shipping, aviation, international trade, oil and gas and projects, among others. Suresh Divyanathan, who is popular with Japanese and Korean clients in arbitration, leads the practice, which benefits from the expertise of dispute resolution expert Bazul Ashhab.

Kelly Yap is known for her shipping and China litigation. Shook Lin & Bok LLP`s international arbitration practice is particularly strong for litigation in the banking and financial, energy, trade and shipping sectors. David Chan and Probin Dass, Practice Leader, are recognized for their respective financial and maritime expertise, while Sarjit Singh Gill SC has extensive litigation experience. Our singapore arbitration lawyers desk maintains links with the best national Singaporean lawyers involved according to the specific needs of a particular arbitration. This ensures that our clients receive the best legal representation for arbitration while ensuring the profitability of arbitration involving Singapore. “Blossom Hing is by far the best arbitration lawyer in this firm. She works tirelessly to help her clients and takes a commercial and determined approach to consulting. We have been involved in the most complex cross-border commercial arbitration and construction procedures, whether in relation to Singapore law or various regional laws, such as Australian law, Indonesian law, Thai law, Indian law, Philippine law, Japanese law, Chinese law and Malaysian law, as well as maritime and admiral disputes, and we have had an immense wealth of talent and experience to deal with such to manage and solve problems successfully. “I had the pleasure of seeing WongPartnership`s senior lawyers, Alvin Yeo SC and Koh Swee-Yen, before the Court of Appeal twice.