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With Amazon Business, businesses have access to thousands of desktop and enterprise products, as well as tons of useful features designed specifically for business management. In this guide, we`ll show you what the Amazon Business service is and how it works, what costs and benefits are reserved for businesses and professionals, but we`ll also see how you enable it and who it`s for. To register, you need to log in to this address and enter your company`s email address. If you have already registered on the marketplace with a business profile, simply enter the same account. For example, you will find the Duo plan, which can be managed by a user and includes deliveries for businesses quickly and at no additional cost, the possibility of receiving scheduled deliveries and progressive discounts at the price of € 25 per year excluding VAT. Below is the basic plan, which, in addition to the benefits of the Duo plan, can also be managed by 3 users and offers the possibility to analyze the company`s spending behavior on the platform through 3 readers (roles assigned to employees who can view and filter expense data to make increasingly prudent purchasing decisions). as well as create guidelines on recommended and non-recommended products (Amazon Guided Buying), at a price of € 36 per year excluding VAT. But it doesn`t stop there: there`s also the Small Plan, which can be used by up to 10 users and allows the company that activates it to add the author`s role to analyze spending habits (an active figure that can create dashboards with expense and revenue metrics useful to the entire team, to make ends meet). at the price of 100 € excl. VAT.

The Medium plan, on the other hand, includes the advantages of all other plans and in addition the possibility of being managed by 100 users and adding up to 100 readers to analyze expenses at the price of € 250 per year without VAT. Finally, you will find the Unlimited plan, which can be managed by an unlimited number of users and which, in addition to all the advantages of the Medium plan, allows you to have up to 2 active readers for the study of expenses and the possibility to block purchases not recommended by the business plan, at a price of 2000 € per year excluding VAT. I remind you that before upgrading to the paid version of the Amazon Business Prime service, you can enjoy a free trial period, regardless of the plan you choose. More information can be found here. To understand if Amazon Business can be the right and most convenient choice for your business, you need to know what it offers. In addition, Amazon Business Prime allows you to enjoy an even wider range of benefits and features than those already available with the basic account. By reading the article, it will then be possible to evaluate the benefits of each and choose the type of account that best suits your needs. The question becomes interesting and at this point, you want to know the cost and rules of the Amazon Business service and how to choose the plan that best suits your needs, right? So here everything is explained to you. Amazon Business is a new service that has been made available for several years by Amazon Italy via the Italian web portal of the famous American e-commerce.

In particular, it is a marketplace reserved for companies and professionals with a VAT identification number, where you can find a selection of more than 250 million products for the business sector, with items specially designed to do business and practice their profession. E-commerce for Business offers a catalog of more than 25 million products divided into categories, from office products to IT products to professional beauty products and professional accessories. Thanks to the convenient and intuitive interface, users can easily and securely purchase all the products needed by the company and manage invoices, costs and access. In fact, Amazon Business provides a multi-user profile where the administrator can also grant access to other users by setting permissions and limits on purchases. Let`s analyze how Amazon Business works to better understand what services it offers compared to Jeff Bezos` company`s classic ecommerce. To log in, you must first sign up and create a company account, a simple process that only takes a few minutes. Of course, signing up is free, you can also choose whether you want to use the same Amazon profile for regular customers by converting it to a business account, or you can sign up with a dedicated profile that is different from the consumer`s profile. With Prime membership, Amazon Guided Buying is also available, a purchasing management system for your company that allows you to select a product or seller and add an optional message for managers. Useful for showing employees the featured items they can buy, or on the contrary, it can be used to display products that should not be purchased or that sellers should avoid. The Unlimited plan also allows you to block the purchase of certain products or sellers. Amazon Business Prime presents several plans with different costs (excluding VAT): Jeff Bezos` giant produced Amazon Business because many companies are faced with the need to source electronic devices, computer hardware, stationery, etc.: Amazon Business meets the need for a marketplace for them that allows you to order quantities of products in bulk, Track payments and costs with the same simplicity and simplified user experience that made Amazon famous around the world.

Certainly, Amazon Business is one of the most interesting digital services for B2B, because compared to other specialized e-commerce on the American portal, you can find all the products in one market. The cost of the Business Prime subscription is quite low, given that the basic plan already starts from 36 euros per year + VAT with access for 3 users, while for a medium-sized company 250 euros per year + VAT is enough to add up to 100 users to the company`s account.