Alcohol Laws in Dubai

There are many places in the UAE where you can buy alcohol, like the “hole in the wall” in Ajman, places in Um Al Quwain. I agree with Jason. I was 14 when I arrived at my first bar. There are clubs here as well as bars in hotels. I don`t think you have to worry about the liquor license here, because it seems useless to me, as long as you know how to be sneaky and you don`t attract the attention of the police, then you`re good to go. Believe me, I was born and raised in the UAE, so I know my way. This Karama and Filipino thing? This has been going on for ages! In addition, there are other nationalities that do exactly the same thing. Clubs such as sports clubs and specially designed entertainment venues such as Pier 7 in Dubai Marina also have liquor licenses and serve as entertainment hubs throughout the city. The purchased alcohol must be consumed on site.

However, you will need a liquor license in Dubai if you are a resident, so I will explain more about it below! The only exception is Sharjah, as Sharjah is a dry emirate and no alcohol can be sold or consumed there. I am retired, my pension is much higher than 2000 AED, I do not have an employer. Would I get a liquor licence? The minimum age to drink alcohol in Dubai or the legal age to drink alcohol in Dubai is 21 years. Clubs and bars will ask to see proof of age with ID for those entering establishments that serve alcohol. This is not true, to BUY alcohol in Dubai you need the license, but you do not need it to drink alcohol. You are allowed to buy alcohol at Duty Free to bring it into the country and drink in your hotel room. Severe penalties for public drunkenness, so if you let yourself be pampered too much. Stay in your room! After that, you will receive a temporary 30-day subscription/liquor license so you can start shopping immediately. You can also have alcohol delivered to you through legal home delivery. And it is illegal to drink alcohol in a public place, including on beaches. Here are some of the key places in Dubai where you can buy alcohol: Previously, alcohol prosecutions were rare and most often observed when arrested for another crime.

The dentist was arrested for drunkenness, arguing with an immigration officer and also taking photos in a security zone. Her blood alcohol level indicated that she was drunk. Tourists will need their original passport, fill out a short form and sign an official declaration to indicate that they are not uae residents and will follow UAE rules and regulations regarding the purchase and consumption of alcohol. The store will take a copy and issue you guidelines for responsible consumption in the UAE. Read on to see where alcohol can be bought and consumed and how much you should expect to pay. The law is quite confusing when it comes to alcohol. Technically, “selling” means relinquishing ownership of a product for monetary benefits. But in the UNITED Arab Emirates, the definition of “sale” is “in terms of supply to third parties.” That said, even if you have a liquor license for yourself, you can`t offer alcohol to your wife or friends.

From a legal point of view, this is called a sale. It then depends only on your day what the prosecution wants to accuse you of ??? The answer is that Dubai residents still need to obtain a liquor license in Dubai to buy alcohol in a store and consume alcohol at home. However, the UAE has determined that drinking alcohol without a liquor license is no longer a crime that it will enforce. The easing of restrictions on alcohol is part of a revision to the country`s Islamic personality laws that also allows unmarried couples to live together and removes laws defending so-called “honor killings.” The answer is no. Carrefour and other supermarkets in Dubai do not sell alcohol. Alcohol is only available in unlicensed stores, also known as liquor stores. However, there is home delivery from these authorized dealers. According to the African and Eastern website, you can get a liquor license if the lease is not in your name.