Aging Legal Resources

We are not legal or financial professionals, so we cannot advise you on your will. It is best to talk to a lawyer. We hope the links above can help you find a lawyer in your area. If it is not possible to answer the question by phone, the hotline can also help you find the necessary legal assistance services in your area. There are approximately 1,000 OAA-funded legal service providers nationwide that provide nearly one million hours of legal assistance each year. Legal counsel may include the following: Sometimes seniors face problems that they cannot solve on their own. At these times, they often need the legal advice of a qualified lawyer. Not all seniors can afford to have their own lawyer or even know where to turn to find one. In Florida, a number of legal resources are available to help seniors with legal issues. These resources are listed below. However, income conditions and available legal services vary by location. Find a legal aid program near you Legal services are available to help seniors and adults with disabilities with a variety of legal issues related to housing, consumer fraud, elder abuse, social security, supplementary security income (SSI), medicare, Medi-Cal, age discrimination, pensions, nursing homes, protective services, conservatories and other issues.

An elderly couple was threatened with eviction. The legal provider`s lawyer informed them of what was required by law to evict the tenants. The couple was relieved to know they didn`t have to move just because the landlord told them to leave the residence. Personal legal insurance is not very well known in the United States, but it is a legitimate service and can be a more affordable way to get the necessary legal services. Over the years, the Law and Aging Commission has developed a variety of resources for consumers and practitioners. Some are available in Spanish as a FREE download. Visit our dedicated website to list them. We are confident that these tools will be valuable assets for consumers and practitioners.

But legal services can be expensive, especially for seniors on fixed incomes. A legal provider helped an elderly woman get her social security benefits after they were seized from an account she managed with her son. The son issued a verdict against him and the creditor took action against the account. The woman resided in a care facility and non-payment of her bill may have resulted in her dismissal. Ask the human resources department if legal services or legal insurance are provided as a business service. Website: A 73-year-old woman was contacted by a telemarketer and invited to join a discount buying club. She told the company she was not interested. However, when her checks started bouncing, she contacted her bank and found that an electronic transfer had been made to the buyers` club. The intervention of the higher legal services resulted in full reimbursement plus additional costs. If your senior is facing any of these issues, contact your state`s protection and advocacy (P&A) systems and/or customer assistance programs (CAP) for legal assistance.

To find it, click your status in the list on the right side of the page. As we are not lawyers, we cannot provide legal advice. It would be best to contact a lawyer in your area to find out if a trust created in this way would be valid. Here we have compiled 7 sources of free legal assistance for the elderly. 7. Additional low-cost legal services for seniors If timely help is not available from organizations that provide free legal services, or if your senior is not eligible, you may want to apply for low-cost or discounted legal aid. Here are some options: Most callers get answers to their legal questions from the first phone call. Clients may also be eligible for referrals to providers who provide free legal services in clients` local communities. If you found these resources useful and would like to contribute to our work, click here.